Light Tackle Kayak Jigging The Chesapeake Bay by Alan Battista

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Light Tackle Kayak Jigging the Chesapeake Bay: A Guide to Gear, Location and Jigging Presentations for Striped Bass is the second book in the Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake series devoted to the ultimate fishing machine. Kayaks have been a disruptive technology that has broken the Chesapeake Bay fishery wide open, with strategies and tactics nearly impossible to perform on any other vessel. Such techniques have never been written before, and they fill these pages along with tons and tons of illustrations to show exact presentations for catching trophies. With a multitude of weapons in the kayak angler's arsenal, hold on because the biggest fish in the bay are only pages away. Throughout this book you will learn everything you need to land the big one. The guide starts by comparing and contrasting kayak jigging vs. kayak trolling and where to employ each method for the highest chance of success. With jigging, presentation is king, and you must prepare for dealing with current, wind, ledges, rips, pilings and a multitude of other obstacles that require very specific presentations. Look no further because detailed inside are illustrations for dealing with each scenario. Combine that knowledge with in-depth explanations and modifications of soft plastics, and you will be able to match the perfect plastic, skirt and jig head to each scenario for the perfect presentation. Key examples show why some strategies work better than others and how to make fish bite when other's can't! Come along on this adventure so you too can join the quest for the uncatchable fish! Even if you don't fish from a kayak, these pages contain invaluable information for anyone trying to perfect the art of jigging for striped bass.

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