Seigler Reels (Truth Reels)

truth-reels-logo.png is now seigler-logo.png


"Why?" you might ask. Another company in the marine industry legally challenged our Release Truth Fishing Reels Trademark. After reviewing the pros and cons of fighting this challenge, we quickly realized we wanted to grow to be much more than just a fishing reel company and our current space was cluttered with many other similar name brands. So we took this opportunity and turned it into something that we felt truly represents not only who our founder is, but the philosophy of our company as well. 

Truth be told:

Our word is our reputation.
We have a lifetime guarantee.
Every Seigler fishing reel part is made in the USA.
We love what we do.
We love to fish.

Honestly, Truth seemed to fit.

We want to reassure everyone that nothing has changed from ownership, to warranty, to customer service. This is simply an opportunity for Truth Reels to raise the bar to yet another level and continue to improve.

We thank you all for the support. Let the journey begin!