Smoove Boat Soap and Wax


Professionally formulated to clean and protect gel coat and painted fiberglass surfaces without stripping off the wax!

As professional detailers, we have seen wash and wax products come and go. But nothing ever stood up to our standards. Most washes contain pine or citrus to work on dirt and stains. Problem is, they’re degreasers, it strips the wax right off your boat!


There are multiple “WASH & WAX” Products on the shelves of major retail marine and RV stores that are just horrible to use on your asset. It is very easy to tell – if they have the word “PINE” or “CITRUS”.

So we developed Smoove to not only keep your boat clean, but to preserve the wax job you just paid hundreds or thousands of dollars. 
Or you busted your butt and did it yourself. The Smoove boat soap and wax is specially formulated to work on gel coat, fiberglass, and painted fiberglass.

  • Made especially for boats
  • Will not strip wax like other cleaners
  • Concentrated, a little goes a long way
  • Less expensive than big name brands
  • It’s Purpleicious!