Sea Angler Fish Bags


65" x 20" Offshore Sea Angler Fish Bag


65" x 30" Offshore Sea Angler Fish Bag

The Sea Angler Offshore Insulated fishing bag was designed exclusively for the tournament and offshore angler. This bag is perfect for King, Cobia, Dolphin and Swordfish. The Offshore Bag includes: UV protected PVC Nylon, 3 inches of insulating foam, reinforced shoulder and hand straps for easy carrying, printed 36" ruler and folds flat for easy cleaning.


36" x 20" Insulated Inshore Sea Angler Fish Bag



Great for Kayaks Too! 


The Inshore Sea Angler cooler was designed with the help of inshore fishermen around Charleston, SC. Many inshore fishermen enjoyed the use of other insulated offshore bags, but found them cumbersome for use with inshore fishing. The Sea Angler inshore bag was designed to give the inshore fisherman the bag they desired at the size and quality they demanded. The inshore bag is also ideal for pier, jetty and surf fishing as well. The inshore bag includes 3 inches of insulating foam, UV protected PVC nylon, reinforced carrying straps and folds flat for easy cleaning.

Sea Angler 36" x 16" Ribbonfish Soft Bait Bag:


Sea Angler 36" x 16" Insulated Bait Bag (1 Shown Open)

Exclusive to Sea Angler Pro Tournament Bags! 

Great for Kayaks Too! 

Our exclusive soft bait bag is outfitted with 7 pockets to keep your pre-rigged ballyhoo, ribbonfish, mullet, etc. separated. Put your bait in the pockets, place a bag of ice in the bag, zip it up, and you're ready to go. This bag is also becoming a favorite with sea kayakers because of its size, storage, and excellent insulation. Our soft bait bag is made with UV protected PVC nylon, reinforced carrying straps, 3 inches of insulating foam and folds flat for easy cleaning.

Sea Angler 20" x 7" Offshore Rig Bag with Leader/Rig Keepers



Bag Only, Rigs are not included

Each plastic bag measures 5" x 5". Each group contains five sealable bags. There are five groups. There are 25 storage bags in total. The white exterior Sea Angler fish bag is padded so you can store weighted rigs and protect your boat and other tackle. This is a great way of storing and organizing your leaders, ballyhoo rigs, and bottom rigs.