Alutecnos Saltwater Rods


Once  again  we  want to  introduce  a different  product, that stands  out or the simple and refined look as well as its performance.  It is produced  with  very high quality materials,   exclusively   "made in Italy".   The  blank  in carbon-glass composite can assure a remarkable  power supply as much as a prompt responsive in any situation. Stand-up rods are provided  with "eva-grip"  handle, and trolling rods have first quality leather handle. Removable Alutecnos butt  in  marine  alloy, straight  or  curved for every model.  Patented  "Removable Roller Ring" unique for quality  and  precision,  in  case  of  any  necessary maintenance enjoy   the distinctive  feature  of  being instantly and  easily removed  from  the  support  foot. Roller  rings  are  fastened  to the  blank  through  triple binding. As  alternative on  the 6/20 and  20/50 lb stand-up  rods  you  can  have  silicon  carbide guides with the possibility of mounting roller top.


  • Blank in Carbon-Glass composite

  • "Eva Grip" handle for Stand-Up rods

  • First quality leather for Trolling Rods

  • Alutecnos marine alloy removable butt, curved and straight version

  • Alutecnos "Removable Roller Ring"

  • Silicon carbide guides for Stand-Up Rods 6/20 and 20/50 lb

  • Triple binding for rollers and guides