Bass Kandy Delights


Bass Kandy Delights 6" & 10"


Above: BKD vs. an Eel

Use for any species that will eat eels, sand eels, or anything similar.

This local Chesapeake Bay Lure is a favorite of the local Anglers.  Used with any jig head, it is a highly effective lure for multiple species.  Available in 6" and 10" lengths, the BKD's are unique.  They are much tougher and lasts longer than the other national brand of Assassin type lures.  Try this BKD lure, you will not be disappointed.  

6" BKD's:


Above:  6" BKD's, Top to Bottom: Albino, Purple Glitter, Pink Delight, Hot Pink Glitter, 2-Tone Green, Chartreuse Glitter


10" BKD's:



bkd-2species.jpg bkd-trout.jpgbkd-flounder.jpg