Manns Bait Co

For over 50 years and counting anglers have fished around the world with Mann’s Trolling Lures. Stretch Lures from Mann’s Bait Company are large lipped lures which swim deep when trolling. Mann’s Stretch Lures are some of the most effective lipped trolling lures because these lures to get down to where the fish are. Stretch Trolling Lures are great for a variety of saltwater species from stripers and bluefish to big game fish like tuna and marlin. They are also a good choice when trolling fresh water for musky. The Mann’s Stretch 25+ and Stretch 30+ are textured baits which reflect light to offer the most realistic trolling lures.  Mann’s Stretch Trolling Lures are Made in the USA by Mann’s Bait Company!

When it comes to high-performance trolling baits, nothing else comes close to the world-renowned deep diving STRETCH™ series from Mann’s. They’re built rugged. They run true. They dive to the depth you want – from 30+ feet. And they look and perform like real baitfish! That’s why they are the top choice for catching grouper, striper and practically every other saltwater gamefish.