Kristal Electrics


Did you know that all the modern fishing techniques we employ barely scratch the surface of the ocean’s bounty? Now, thanks to Kristal Fishing, you can explore new frontiers where untapped fisheries exist for exotic species like yelloweyes, queen snappers, golden tilefish and misty grouper. And fishermen in northern latitudes can catch Atlantic cod, pollock, tilefish, sea bass, Pacific rock cod and halibut easier than ever before.

You can fish at depths from 250 to 2000 feet using simple techniques and Kristal Fishing’s new generation of electric reels, matching rods, prepackaged rigs and accessories, everything you need to be successful. Deep-drop fishing is fun and easy and the fish you’ll catch are exquisite eating. So don’t be afraid to go where few fishermen have gone before. Experience the bold new world of fishing adventure that awaits you there. Deep-drop fishing reels are a wonderful addition to your other fishing endeavors.. Like any fishing, using the best equipment enhances your experience and success. Kristal Fishing electric reels are the most technically advanced, dependable, easy to install and use! Dollar for dollar they are best value on the market today! Our matching rods and full line of deep-drop fishing accessories make getting started easy.



  •  Modular design: Interchangeable components. One Kristal Electric Reel unit can be used for more than one type of fishing: bottom fishing, trolling, buoy & dredges puller, kite fishing.
  • Low Power consumption: Average 8 Amps; 5 amps for the smallest unit; 25 amps for the larger unit.
  • Pulling power: 400 to 1,500 lb.
  • Attachments and accessories: Variable speed control, line counter, level wind, rod holder and gunnel mounts.
  • Materials: Stainless steel 316L, chrome over brass or marine grade anodized aluminum components.
  • Fuse: Each unit's motor is protected by an "O" ring seal fuse holder and fuse.
  • Power: Available in 12 volts (standard) and 24 volts (special order).
  • All Kristal Electric reels for deep dropping feature 11' Power Cord Length.
  • Programmable models include male plug, Non-Programmable models do not have plugs.
  • Three styles of female receptacles, flush mount, under gunnel mount and in-line
  • Programmable models feature auto stop feature.