Carlson Spreader Bars


Carlson Spreader Bars


Extensively field-tested and proven to catch fish. Squid bar construction is a very hot topic for every offshore angler!

Many fishermen believe their method of building bars, is the best and only way to catch fish. For this reason we also sell our squid in bulk. There are literally thousands of variations of squid bars being made all claiming to be the best. The truth is a wide variety of rigs work well especially when the fish are biting. Rather than reinvent the wheel and come up with some newfangled contraption to catch fish. We decided to simply build a top of the line squid bar at an affordable price and most importantly catches fish. 

• All bars are carefully constructed in the U.S. to assure they are properly balanced when trolled. 
• Rigs are made using VMC Dynacut hooks; the sharpest and strongest hooks available. 
• All spreader bars are built on solid titanium rods to maximize strength, but minimize weight allowing  squid to swim freely on the top of the water. 
• All connections on the bars are made with crimped swivel sleeves for superior strength, therefore eliminating the typical problems that welded eye bars have (e.g. breaking off). 
• Stingers are all interchangeable to give anglers an easy way to switch out colors. 
• Carlson’s unique main-line construction is designed to ensure the strongest connection possible to   the hook. 
• Each rig comes in a signature Carlson Offshore tackle bag.