Miya Epoch Teaser Reels

Miya Epoch made the first electric fishing reel over 30 years ago and since then have sold thousands of electronic fishing reels to sport and commercial fishermen around the globe. Miya Epoch electric reels are used for trolling, jigging, deep-drop bottom fishing, and as teaser reels for nearly every big game species in the world. Miya Epoch reels are more than just motorized conventional reels. Each reel is made as one unit, each is factory balanced, engineered and assembled ensuring quality and durability not found in any other range of electric reels. US-9R The US-9R Micro-Wench should be your first choice for either a teaser or kite reel (also well suited to deep-drop applications). Can be controlled by either the control panel mounted on the reel, or by remote control.

Miya Epoch 24 Volt Electric Teaser Reel Models:

Before, it took a few men to grab the teaser reels and start cranking as quickly as they can.  Now, with the Miya Epoch US series, you can do it all with one press of a button.  The Micro-Winch will start cranking as soon as you see the action, allowing you to clear your teasers immediately.   Equipped with a powerful D.C. 24 volt magnet motor, it has a top speed of 400 rpm's!  It retrieves the line quickly and automatically stops at the release position.  So when the bit is on, simply press a button,  Your teasers clear and you can concentrate on driving the boat without distraction.  A new automatic release with remote control (US-9R only) gives you complete control from the cockpit.

Miya Epochs equip some of the best sportfishing boats on the market as standard equipment.