Aftco Gaffs




Taper-Tip Aluminum AFTCO Gaffs

Slim Tapered shape makes them easy and fast to maneuver. Shafts are made from corrosion resistant marine aluminum anodized in rich gold or black. Soft but rugged black grips and black vinyl butt caps.

Fiberglass AFTCO Gaffs


AFTCO fiberglass, tapered flying gaff hooks feature a special thick-walled, extremely strong but lightweight e-glass handle construction custom made for extreme strength and rigidity. All of our fiberglass handles are made on proprietary mandrels using specific tapers developed by AFTCO. They are available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths and have the same 316L or N50 stainless steel hooks used in our popular Taper-Tip aluminum series of gaffs. Our exclusive “wedge-lok” assembly process is used to assemble all of the hooks into the e-glass handles. The new fiberglass gaffs have a rich-looking dark brown epoxy finish with hand-wrapped black and metallic gold and blue thread trim wraps. All of the fiberglass series gaffs have handsome and extremely functional black nylon seine cord wrapped handles with hand-finished Turk’s heads on each end of the wrapped grips. All of the seine cord and Turk’s heads are finished with epoxy for durability and extra tackiness when gripped with wet or slimy hands. A large rubber “mushroom-style” butt cap finishes the butt-end of each handle. The new fiberglass gaffs are available with 2”, 3” and 4” hooks. All of the 2”and 3” hooks are 5/16” diameter 316L stainless steel, and the 4” hooks are all N50 stainless steel. All of the 6’ and 8’ models float.

Tournament 12' Kingfish AFTCO Gaffs


The AFTCO Kingfish Gaff is ideal for the king mackerel tournament fisherman, the new 12-foot, Two-Piece AFTCO Gaffs feature a black anodized shaft that is divided into an eight-foot forward section with hook, and a four-foot rear section, complete with two rugged black vinyl grips. The new AFTCO gaffs are constructed from the same 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum that’s a feature of other gaffs in the AFTCO line, and is joined in the middle with a ferrule and collet nut characteristic of the AFTCO Unibutt, the standard for the industry. The ferrule and collet nut “joint” is extremely strong, lightweight and fully waterproof when assembled. Both the ferrule and collet nut are permanently attached to the 8-foot forward section, which can optionally be used as a stand-alone gaff. When both sections are used together, the two pieces can be separated in seconds and stored separately. Equipped with three-inch stainless steel hooks, the 3612-HB AFTCO Gaffs are ideal for landing king mackerel, wahoo, dolphin and tuna, as well as other medium sized saltwater gamefish.

AFTCO Flying Gaffs




Taper-Tip Flying Gaffs. With Breakaway hook for gaffing powerful fish. Barbed Triangular hook. Plastic insert seals out water to prevent corrosion. Line snaps to release the hook from the shaft.

AFTCO Flying Gaffs should be rigged with soft, 5/8” diameter, 3-strand nylon rope spliced directly to the hook eye. IGFA allows a maximum combined length of 25 feet of total rope and hook, but for most boats, the rope should only be as long as the farthest distance a crew member can reach with the gaff from its point of attachment to the boat. Flying gaff hooks should be tied in to the stainless attaching post on the aluminum handle using a single turn of 20 or 30-lb line. The nylon rope should be stretched tight and passed around the end of the handle, through the gimbal, and back up past the second handle grip, where it can be secured with a couple of wraps of 1” masking tape. The rope should be gripped to the handles by the gaffer, and released as soon as the gaff hook is planted into the fish and breaks loose from the handle.

Rope for flying gaff hooks is included with complete sets only and not included with handles or hooks.

Rigged AFTCO Flying Gaffs Hooks(includes 6' Handle, Hook, & spliced rope)