Tuf Line XP Braid

Western Filament, Inc., creator of the famous "W-40" lines and the superbraid phenomenon, has been producing quality braided lines for over 50 years. Designed by fishermen for fishermen, these superior braided lines will capture the confidence of the most discriminating angler.

TUF Line XP Spectra Braid:

The most advanced braided fishing line on the market today! Aerospace technology has been utilized to produce our TUF-Line XP® fishing line. TUF-Line XP® is more compact, smaller in diameter, packs better on reels, offers better knot performance, casts longer, reduces rod tip wraps, and boasts higher abrasion resistance than any line on the market today. TUF-Line XP® is produced using our Tension Lock Technology meaning that it’s produced under extreme tensions resulting in a line with less than 3% stretch giving you more powerful hook sets and more sensitivity than you could ever imagine! In addition TUF-Line XP is hydrophobic and has excellent U.V. resistance which enables it to last up to four times longer than monofilament. Available in Olive Green or Hi-Vis Yellow.

Line Test 15 20 30 50 65 80 100 130 150 200
Diameter .006" .008" .011" .012" .016" .018" .019" .022" .023" .028"

Line diameter conversions:
15 lb TUF- Line XP = 4 lb mono
20 lb TUF- Line XP = 6 lb mono
30 lb TUF- Line XP = 8 lb mono
50 lb TUF- Line XP = 12 lb mono
65 lb TUF- Line XP = 16 lb mono
80 lb TUF- Line XP = 18 lb mono
100 lb TUF- Line XP = 20 lb mono
130 lb TUF- Line XP = 30 lb mono
150 lb TUF- Line XP = 40 lb mono
200 lb TUF- Line XP = 50 lb mono

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