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AFW Terminal Tackle

Ball Bearing Tackle   Copper Rigging Wire
• Ball Bearing Coastlock Snap Swivels 
• Ball Bearing Swivels 
• Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Snap Swivels 
• Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels
• Copper Rigging Wire
Downrigger   Mighty Mini's -SS tackle
• Braid Downrigger Line 
• Stainless Steel Downrigger Cable
• Mighty Mini Stainless Steel Crane Swivels 
• Mighty Mini Stainless Steel Snap Swivels
Rigging   Rigs
• Glow Beads 
• Luminous Shark Rattles 
• Loop Protectors 
• Thimbles
• Egg-Rapid Rigs
• Snapper Popper Rig
• Double Drop Mono Rig
• Deluxe Finger Mullet Rig
Sleeves   Standard Tackle
• Thin Wall Double Sleeves 
• Single Barrel Sleeves 
• Aluminum Sleeves 
• Double Barrel Sleeves 
• Mini Double Barrel Sleeves
• 3-Way Swivels 
• Brass Coastlock Snap Swivels 
• Coastlock Snaps 
• Interlock Snaps 
• Thimbles 
• Brass Crane Swivels 
• Duo Lock Snaps 
• Split Rings
Tackle & Fishing Kits   Tackle Boxes
• Tackle Kits
• Tackle Boxes

There are no products listed under this category.