Line Off Line Strippers

LineOFF is portable, fits into a tackle box, and easily stows on a boat!

LineOFF is a fishing line remover. LineOFF is also referred to as a fishing line winder or fishing line spooler. LineOFF is one of the most convenient tools in your fishing tackle box. LineOFF can save you time stripping line of any size fishing reel—from the smallest spinning reel to the largest offshore conventional reel. Freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts and pro-anglers will love LineOFF!

LineOFF is proudly Made in the U.S.A. using quality aluminum, stainless steel and polyacetal resin—all of which make LineOFFdurable and long lasting.


  • Helps you keep fresh line on your reel so you can catch more fish.
  • Can be used for spooling yarn, thread, ribbon or string.
  • Great way to store line for future use.
  • Small and portable, fits into your tackle box.
  • Makes changing line on your boat fast and easy
  • Keeps the line away from dirt and oil during fishing reel maintenance and repair.
  • Makes fishing line environmentally friendly to recycle.