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There Are Many Advantages To A Lever Drag Reel Over A Typical Star Drag Type Reel. First And Foremost, Are The “Strike Pre-Set” And The Ability To Always Go Back To The Exact Original Drag Setting, No Matter Where You Have Increased Or Decreased The Drag With The Lever During A Fight With A Fish. Lever Drags Are Simple To Use, With One Lever Control That Puts The Reel Into Free-Spool, Increases Or Decreases Drag Pressure, And Instantly Locates Your Original Drag Setting By Sliding The Lever To The Strike Position. Lever Drag Reels Are Typically Simpler In Design And Contain Fewer Small Parts, And Are Easier To Maintain. Also, Because The Drag System Works In Direct Contact With The Spool, Rather Than Through The Gear Train Like A Star Drag, The Drag Is Smoother And More Consistent, Allows More Surface Area For The Brake Discs, Dissipates Heat More Efficiently, And Doesn’t Have To Go Through Gearing With Load And Wear On Gear Teeth To Operate. Another Distinct Advantage Of An Avet Lever Drag Reel Is The Drag Will Never Wear Out. It Is A Given Routine That Star Drag Washers Need To Be Replaced Regularly, Because They Wear Out. This Is Because With A Star Drag Reel, The Drag Washers Are Housed Inside The Main Drive Gear Of The Reel. This Means That From The Spool, The Drag Has To Go Through A Gear Reduction Before The Drag Washers Turn. If You Compare A Similar Star Drag Reel And A Lever Drag Reel, Both Having A 6:1 Gear Ratio, The Star Drag Reel Will Require Six Times The Amount Of Pressure On The Drag Washers As The Lever Drag Reel Does To Achieve The Same Amount Of Drag Pull At The Line. Because The Lever Drag Reel Has Six Times Less Pressure On The Drag Surface Itself, This Means Less Wear, Less Heat, And Far Less Maintenance.

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