Green Stick fishing gear was introduced to Hawaii in the early 80s by the Japanese, these commercial trolling "green sticks" are tremendously successful not only in Hawaii, but also off the east coast of the U.S., Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico.  The generic form "green stick" (the color of the original brand of sticks introduced into Hawaii at the time) has been applied to all heavy-duty fiberglass and carbon-fiber (graphite) sticks used in this type of fishery.  The green stick fishing pole is used to elevated and tow a 20-30# wooden bird up to 400 yards behind the vessel.  The bird serves two purposes; (1) keep the main line taut (a key component to the action of the lures), and (2) act as a teaser to attract fish to the surface.  Dangling from the mainline between the boat and bird are 4-10 drop lines with artificial squid lures that dip in and out of the water (the lures are not as effective if simply dragged along the surface, since the danglers mimic flying fish).  Hard striking tuna have been known to launch themselves a full body length out of the water in an attempt to devour the irresistible jumping squid lures.  When hooked up, the mainline releases from the tuna green stick fishing pole by breaking the tagline, is reeled in by hand or by electric or hydraulic reels.  An inflated poly ball is used to float the bird and is positioned behind the bird. Purchase this Greenstick tuna fishing gear for sale now!



Greenstick Kits

Recreational Small Boat Kit (Electric):

We put this kit together for the recreational angler. It includes everything we can provide to create a Greenstick setup for your small boat (40' and under). This kit is intended for center consoles, walkarounds, cuddy, and other similar-sized/configured vessels. This kit does not include the base sleeve or top bracket needed to attach the tuna green stick fishing gear to your boat.

Custom Greenstick Tuna Fishing Gear is Available