Reel Colors Teaser Reels



Reel Colors Pancake Bridge Teaser - The Reel Colors Teaser Reel folks are NOT new at all to building the highest quality teaser reels in the world. They've been creating teaser reel setups for 20 years now in electric pancake teasers and manual versions!! They make them one at a time- while developing the product by listening to what each customer thought would make a better TEASER reel. Some just didn't want to mount a teaser reel that looked like a old hubcap of a junk car on their new 1.5 + million dollar boat. Who would? They listened carefully understood. It all boiled down to a HEAVY DUTY- SMOOTH- BEAUTIFUL- and FUNCTIONAL work of art. Don't ever think that they have stopped listening. If 3 customers request a modification and it's makes sense- the reel is modified. Their 3.5 drag lever is unique to any teaser currently in production. This gives you twice the torque of a small knob- like on all other reels. When ready to crank- just flip the lever to it's vertical position and it's out of your way while retrieving line. Then just flip it up when you're done. That's it!!. The 100+ half holes in the bottom plate aren't just for looks. They allow for drying and drainage of wet line and also allows you to rinse and inspect your line.