Aftco Kingfish Gaff - 2 Piece 12ft

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The Aftco Kingfish Flying Gaff is ideal for the king mackerel tournament fisherman- the new AFTCO 12-foot- Two-Piece Gaff features a black anodized shaft that is divided into an eight-foot forward section with hook- and a four-foot rear section- complete with two rugged black vinyl grips. This new gaff is constructed from the same 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum that’s a feature of other gaffs in the AFTCO line- and is joined in the middle with a ferrule and collet nut characteristic of the AFTCO Unibutt- the standard for the industry. The ferrule and collet nut “joint” is extremely strong- lightweight and fully waterproof when assembled. Both the ferrule and collet nut are permanently attached to the 8-foot forward section- which can optionally be used as a stand-alone gaff. When both sections are used together- the two pieces can be separated in seconds and stored separately. Equipped with a three- stainless steel hook- the 3612-HB Gaff is ideal for landing king mackerel- wahoo- dolphin and tuna- as well as other medium sized saltwater gamefish.

  • Swaged 6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Fully waterproof collett and ferrule attachment
  • Equipped with a 3" Stainless steel hook
96.000 (in)
5.000 (in)
5.000 (in)