Zeebaas Reels

Where are ZeeBaaS Fishing Reels Made?

The majority of our parts are machined in the USA from various shops ranging from Ohio to Vermont. Approximately 80% of the value of manufactured parts goes to US vendors. These are mostly operators of small, family run machine shops. (Examples of parts made in USA would be, reel foot, reel body, side cover, gear cover, rotor, spool cap spool skirt, spool body, main shaft, etc.)

We also purchase seals, bearings, screws, etc. from large distributors who get their parts from all over the world.

"Continuing The Spinning Reel Revolution"

The ZeeBaaS ZX2 Series features a dual anti-reverse clutch system, and a dual, carbon fiber drag system to offer the most advanced, waterproof surf reel on the market today.

We do 100% of the assembly of our ZeeBaaS saltwater reels at our facility in Stratford CT.