Light Tackle Kayak Trolling The Chesapeake Bay by Alan Battista

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Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the Chesapeake Bay: A Guide to Gear, Location and Trolling Tactics for Striped Bass is the first book devoted exclusively to this exciting sport. Advances in kayak technology have made catching trophy striped bass a reality of which many anglers are not aware. Shallow water, stealth, light tackle and huge fish make this not only the most productive but also the most exciting method of catching striped bass that I know.

Throughout this book you will learn everything that you need to land the big one. The guide starts with the basics of necessary gear and finishes up with seasonal "micro" and "macro" pattern development that will give you home field advantage on your favorite body of water. Specific topography is discussed as well as which areas to target when looking at a nautical chart. Lure selection is covered in depth, and you may be surprised to learn what the really big fish like best.

The tactics explained in this book help those in kayaks or any other boat pare down vast expanses of water into personally discovered hot spots. The lessons taught can be easily understood and adopted. Study them, then immediately put them to use through trial and error to yield maximum benefit. The book, while concise, is content dense. Seasonal movements of striped bass, an understanding of forage, how to set up a kayak for trolling, trolling tactics, trolling with friends and chart usage are some of the main topics Alan covers. He also throws in his personal topography maps of the Susquehanna Flats, which will be extremely popular!

This book appears to be narrowly focused on the striped bass fishery of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. However, even if you've never set foot in the state of Maryland, or seen tidal waters where striped bass swim, you can still benefit from this book. It's a recipe for locating fish wherever you paddle or pedal a kayak. It applies to bass, perch and crappie fishing on reservoirs. It could even help you locate trout or walleye on the Great Lakes. Read it with an open mind with regard to the species and fisheries discussed, and adopt the methods to your local fishery.

The book is packed with illustrations for the purpose of helping the reader understand under water topography, trolling routes, gear arrangement, lure and kayak selection. The many photos of HUGE FISH prove the worth of Alan's methods.

This book will become a reference on your shelf that you use over and over again. For those that have fished with Alan, you know that he pulls no punches, keep no secrets and has a sincere desire to help you catch fish. He's written this book in that same spirit. He believes that helping each other will always come back to you. When we all catch big fish we create big memories, and that grows into big friendships. Look for him trolling his kayak on the bay!

162 pages full of tips, locations and strategies

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