Jerry Brown Line One Decade Spliceable Spectra - 2500 yds

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Decade premium spliceable Spectra® changes color in 10 yd increments.

Jerry Brown Line One is without question the finest hollow core braid on the market. Spectra® fiber braided fishing lines have been around for quite some time and have enjoyed widespread acceptance in the past few years- despite the fact that the Spectra® fiber is opaque and not the best for the presentation of a bait or lure- therefore requiring the use of a less-visible monofilament or fluorocarbon leader. This first generation Spectra® fiber line required a bulky knot at this connection from the braided line to the monofilament leader- difficult to tie correctly and never developing to 100% of the line strength. Line One Hollow Braided Spectra® fiber line has overcome this problem and more...

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