MagBay Lures All Speed Wahoo Lure – Purple Pink

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All Speed Wahoo Lure GI-24

This is a must have for any tournament Wahoo Fisherman.  The design with the quadruple jets, the heavy 24 oz head create the turbulence that attract the wahoo.  The protruding nose piece can be removed for more erratic action for slower trolling or kept in place for high speed trolling.  The Center piece creates a flow of water through the jets that exceeds any action we know of on the market today. 

The Iridescent coating is proving to not only be entirely corrosion resistant but is acting as an attractant for Wahoo and other pelagic fish species.  We have done multiple testing with the coating vs traditional chrome or stainless and it gets hit more. The years ahead will tell and we want you to be part of the research team.  This lure has reached Lure#1 on our wahoo arsenal, and we have a big arsenal fishing Mag Bay Wahoo for over 7 years 6 months out of the year and almost every single day.       

  • Length:  14 Inches (depending on skirt technique)
  • Weight:  24oz
  • Jets: 4
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