Dexter Russell Diamond Knife Sharpener

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Dexter Russell Diamond Knife Sharpener:

Keep your knives sharp and safe to use with this Dexter-Russell 07633 12" oval diamond knife sharpening steel! The blade features an ultra-fine 100% diamond coating to simultaneously hone and realign a knife's edge. This makes the sharpening steel perfect for minor sharpening and daily upkeep or restoring your knife's factory edge. As part of the Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe line, this product features a slip-resistant, easy-to-clean polypropylene handle with a finger guard for increased safety. 

To clean and avoid dirt build up, wash the steel regularly in hot, sudsy water and dry it immediately. You can also sterilize the polypropylene handle by placing it in boiling water. Use this sharpening steel to keep your establishment working at peak efficiency and safety! 

Blade Length: 12"
Overall Length: 17"

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