Crippled Alewive Bunker Spoon 11/0 Red Head

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The unique action simulates that of a crippled bait fish which fish can't resist.


The Lure That Makes Fish Strike!
The most exciting fish catching bait in years.
Catches Fish in the Ocean, Bay, River, Lake or Pond

The Crippled Alewive Weighted Spoon with Feather is designed for trolling, casting or spinning. The patented off-center curvature gives it crippled action - oscillates from side to side like a crippled alewive or minnow. For over 50 years, the Crippled Alewive Lure Company has been making fishing lures in the Chesapeake Bay area. Its expertly crafted lures come in seven sizes and can be used to catch a variety of fish. Crippled Alewive's saltwater spoons are made of brass and come in chrome, gold and custom-colored varieties with feathered teasers already attached.

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