Captain Segull Chart - Off Coastal of NC- Cape Lookout- NC

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Captain Segull Chart - Off coastal chart 20 to 30 miles off North Carolina- side A- Portsmouth Island to Beaufort- NC (Cape Lookout)- side B- Cape Lookout? to New River Inlet- NC. All charts include wrecks- reefs- shoals- fishing areas- amenities and restrictions.

Nearshore 20 - 30 miles off. Chart is 19 x 26 inches, double sided, and laminated. Cape Lookout area, NC 

Side A: Portsmouth Island to Beaufort, NC (Cape Lookout), Side B: Cape Lookout to New River Inlet, NC. All charts include wrecks, reefs, shoals, fishing areas, amenities and restrictions. Also refer to PS25, CFR27, CHCC23 and NM125

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