Waterman Industries Bandit Reel Gearbox 3/4 HP w/ Aluminum Spool

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Our gear box driven bottom reel avoids belt slippage under the most demanding conditions by using Waterman’s direct drive technology. The standard 3/4 hp motor is connected directly to the gearbox to provide superior torque for heavy loads. Additional fiberglass arms can easily be added for extra strength when fishing for heavier loads. The unit can be fitted with a 1 hp motor for additional power and torque.

  • The 3/4 hp and 1 hp continuous duty motors run at 1800 and 3350 rpm.
  • At 3350 rpm the 25:1 gear box is turning the spool at 138 rpm.
  • The spool will take up 2 ft per rotation (approx.) with an empty spool; and, when full of line, they will take up (approx.) 3 ft of line per rotation. To find the spool rpm, divide the motor rpm by the rate of separation.
  • 138 rpm, x 2 ft = 276 fpm, 138 rpm x 3 ft = 414 fpm 

Note: Keep in mind these numbers are "no load". The amount of weight being pulled will adjust the speed of retrieval. The heavier the catch, the higher the amp draw and the slower the speed. Most models can run continuously for about 60 minutes from "cold" (at the rated load), then continue at a 50 percent duty cycle.