Waterman Industries Bandit Reel Electric 12V w/ Aluminum Spool

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Our electric bandit reel for sale is belt driven. All frames and stanchions are manufactured from 1 1/4” stainless steel pipe with a strong welded base mount. The unit comes standard with a U-shaped gunwale mount bracket. The unit is powered by a 9 amp (12 volt or 24 volt) 1/4 hp DC motor. The fiberglass spool can hold up to 3500’ of 280 lb. test line or 3/64” cable for superior performance. The Waterman bandit reel can also be used, when necessary, as a manual bottom reel with the use of a manual crank handle (provided) and can fish at depths of 3000 plus feet.

Retrieval Rates:
  • The 1/4 hp continuous duty motors run at 1150 rpm.
  • The spool will take up 2 ft per rotation (approx.) with an empty spool, and when full of line they will take up (approx.) 3 ft of line per rotation.
  • 138 rpm x 2 ft = 276 fpm, 138 rpm x 3 ft = 414 fpm (1/4 hp belt drive reel = 350 fpm)

Pulley is not included.

Note: Keep in mind these numbers are "no load". The amount of weight being pulled will adjust the speed of retrieval. The heavier the catch, the higher the amp draw and the slower the speed. Most models can run continuously for about 60 minutes from "cold" (at the rated load), then continue at a 50 percent duty cycle.