Modern Jigging Book

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Jigging may be an ancient technique- but it's also the hottest- newest way to fish. Thanks to recent advances in tackle technology and tactics like speed jigging- meat jigging- and yo-yoing- today anglers can target everything from panfish to pelagics - with light tackle that's comfortable to use- even on the biggest fish. And jigging will- at time- be the most effective method you can employ. Are you ready to target tuna? Set your sights on stripers? Jig up giant golden tilefish? Then join well-known fishing author Lenny Rudow in this examination of modern jigging techniques- equipment- lures- and line. As usual- Rudow pulls no punches and explains techniques with detailed instructions- names his favorite rods- reels- and gear- and examines specific species on a case-by-case basis. Price: $19.95.
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