Fishbites Saltwater BagOWorms Warmwater

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Fishbites Saltwater BagOWorms Warmwater. Carr Specialty Baits began analyzing and testing Bloodworm prototype baits in June of 2004. The bait testers themselves are a scattered team of bait shop owners- charter fishermen and some local recreational anglers in and around VA and Chesapeake Bay. Considering that these types of people will be our customer base- who better to test the products.? What can you look forward to with Fishbites Bag O' Wormstm Bloodworm bait other than effectiveness? Consistency and Convenience. Every Fishbites Bloodworm bait will be the same size- same color and same thickness and- more importantly- the same price year round. Fishbites Bloodworm baits will not require any special storage while you fish and you can simply keep them in your tackle box between trips. They are NOT perishable. With each cut piece of Fishbites- you should expect to catch several or more fish or last many many casts while you're trying to find 'em. These 5 bait strips (worms) will give an angler between 86 to 130 useable baits if cut between 1/4 - 3/8. We? recommend using?a?#4 to #6 size hook because anything smaller may not sufficiently grab the binding mesh and the hook may slip through the bait when bitten.
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