Fishbites Saltwater Fish'n Strips Shrimp

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Fishbites Saltwater BagOWorms Warmwater. Fish'n Strips are by far our most popular product and with good reason. While it is 100% biodegradable- Fish'n Strips is also tough as nails. It's design virtually guarantees that it won't get thrown off the hook - even with the most powerful cast. Fish'n Strips are sure to be a part of any surf fisherman's trip into the waves or out onto the jetty- atop the pier or on bridge. Like all of our products- Fishbites has an incredibly flesh-like feel. The perfect size hook for Fish'n Strips is a #4 longshank hook or a #3 Circle Hook and we recommend at least two hook penetrations. You can also use these baits on your favorite top water jigs... Yes- it sounds crazy and it'll look quite strange- but it will help with hook-ups!
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