Fish Razr Super Heavy Dredge Bar 38"

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The newest dredge bar in the Fish Razr family. The SUPER HEAVY dredge bar is the biggest bar on the market. It's made from .150 U.S high grade 316 stainless steel. It has all the attributes of the generation II heavy bars but with stronger arms. This bar is designed with larger, heavier, more drag dredges in mind. Load this thing up and don't worry, it will hold. The arms are still flexible enough under the water to give your dredge a lifelike feel. 

Dredge Bars

Why our dredge bars are superior. (Scroll Down for Product Categories)

  1. We use the highest quality stainless steel. We buy our steel directly from the producer to our exact specifications. All our steel is then tested for purity and to make sure it meets our specifications. There are many variables in the steel to get the best product, the steel hardness, the purity level, the heat temper, we have worked hard to achieve this. Some of our competitors are buying steel thru a middleman, they have no idea what is in their products.
  2. Keeping the bars together. Thru a lot of trial an error (we apologize if you got a prior error) we have identified the best metal alloys to bond with the arms to keep the bars tight and have extra longevity. The center hub is a crucial part of the dredge system. Ours is strong and simple, no crimps to fail, no weed catchers.
  3. Tension loops- We offer them only on our 42” professional series bar. We often get asked why we do not offer them on other bars, truth is, we don’t need them, our bars are strong enough without them. We get the argument from captain’s and mates that they like to crimp a safety loop through the tension loops incase an arm breaks, once again, trust our bars strength.

Dredge bars are going to break, the more fish you catch, the more dredge bars you are going to go thru. The worst thing for a dredge bar is pushing the retrieve button on an electric reel. The sudden shot of torque put on the bar and then the breaching out of the water puts a lot of stress on the frame. Doing this multiple times a day eventually wears them down.

We offer a bar for all applications. Our light wire bars are great for light drag applications, StripZ, Mud FlapZ, Fish Sticks, and ballyhoo natural dredges. Our Gen II dredge bars are the right choice for most heavy drag application. These include squid dredges, dredges with lures, natural mullet dredges and multiple tier applications. For the heaviest of dredge applications our new Super Heavy bars are needed.

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