Fish Razr Dredge - Squid & Flap Kit - Pink

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We combine 9" Fish Razr squids with the proven effectivness of Fish Razr mud flapz. The dredge is constructed with 12 drops off a 36" Strike Point dredge bar. The inner 6 drops have 2 squid inline with a 12" tuna Flapz at the end. The outer drops consist of one squid and a 12" tuna. 18 Fish Razr squids in your choice of colors and 12 mud flaps make this dredge deadly. The dredge is rigged to last for seasons, rigged with 400lb mono, heavy duty swivels and leader sleeves over all exposed crimps. The advantages of the combination dredge is a dredge that weighs about half as much as standard squid dredge for easy crew deployment and being a proven fish razr. Comes in an over sized dredge bag for easy storage.

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