Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Power Assist Electric Reel

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The ultimate workhorse for deep dropping and kite fishing, the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Power Assist Electric Reel checks all the right boxes for anglers looking for a dependable and easy to use electric reel. The Tanacom 1200 builds up on the foundation laid by previous Tanacom generations for increases speed, winding power, line capacity, and maximum drag. Featuring new motor placement and a reengineered gearing system, the Tanacom 1200 is more powerful than any previous model. By moving the motor and gearing from the front of the reel to inside the spool itself, the same size motor now more efficiently transmits power. The reel is built around an extremely rigid frame and side plates for hauling heavy loads without wavering. The Tanacom 1200 sees a 30% speed increase over previous generations, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time bringing lines in. As far as ease of operation is concerned, this is easily the most user friendly electric reel to hit the American market. An easy-to-read LED dot screen with selectable languages to prompt you through power assist settings and procedures including automatic stop and jigging features. Kite fisherman will appreciate the oversized line guide aperture which is big enough to let swivels and large knots pass through, allowing the convenience of being able to crank the rig right up to the rod tip. Anglers can choose to fight fish by hand with the power lever and aluminum round knob, or let the 12-volt power variable-speed assist do the heavy hauling. The variable speed lever makes operating the reel so easy it can be done with a single finger. All electronics are fully sealed from saltwater intrusion, giving anglers peace of mind knowing their investment is protected if it happens to take a splash or two. When you’re done for the day, simply wash down the reel without worrying about wetting the electronics because they are fully sealed.


  • Easy Operation Dot LCD Screen
  • Selectable Language
  • Variable Speed JOG Power Lever Control
  • Line Counter & Depth Memory
  • 140m/min Retrieval Rate
  • 22lb Max Winding Power
  • 50lb Max Drag
  • Sealed Drag System
  • 12 Volt System (12-16.8 V)
  • Auto-Stop & Auto-Jigging Features
  • Fully Sealed Electronics
  • Oversized (Sic) Line-Guide
  • Power Lever w/ Aluminum Round Knob

It’s not often Daiwa releases a new electric Dendoh reel and there’s arguably no name more famous in the category than TANACOM. A total overhaul from the ground up, TANACOM 1200 is a project half-a-decade in the making between Daiwa Japan engineers and teams within Australia and America.

Sporting a totally new design incorporating the motor housed inside the spool has given Daiwa engineers the ability to increase the efficiency of the powerful motor, the same reliable unit that’s been used on TANACOM 1000 in the past. Installed in this new frame, the motor generates even more power thanks to an improved drivetrain which has been totally reengineered with beefier gears and internal components to improve durability and minimize power loss.

More power is also accompanied by more speed, a feat often difficult to achieve since a faster retrieve inevitably means lower torque, the same principal as to why bikes are easier to ride up a hill in low gear as opposed to high. The faster retrieve speed of TANACOM 1200 is a great feature when deep dropping, as your ability to reposition or check baits is sped up dramatically. A side benefit of the new design is an Increased line capacity. With TANACOM 1200 now boasting a line capacity of PE8/1000m. 

Setting up the TANACOM 1200 is also now easier than ever, with a redesigned menu system which has been simplified and carefully designed to offer easy user experience for first time users and familiarity for long-time Daiwa Dendoh fans. The Dot Monitor LCD screen has also been improved, with a brighter display and better viewing angles when wearing polarized sunglasses.

All areas of the reel design have been addressed with the development of TANACOM 1200. From small quality of life improvements like the aluminum ball knob, to hugely functional changes like the increased speed & power. 

TANACOM has continually set the benchmark for quality and value for money in the electric reel space and the new TANACOM 1200 is set to elevate the bar once again. Dominate the deep with TANACOM 1200.