Boga Grip 15#

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Boga Grip Fish Scale. The bottom line is that the Boga Grip is such a great quality useful tool- it gets countless free publicity on the cover of most of the popular fishing magazines.  The company does not advertise and its popularity is tremendous among fishing enthusiasts in the know.   This tool protects a fish during a release by minimizing the amount of protective slime removed from a fish during handling.  This tools also accurately weighs a fish.

The scale weighs fish up to15 pounds in 1/4-pound increments. 
It is 9 inches long and weighs 9 ounces.


IGFA stands for International Game Fish Association. They are the organization that recognizes world record catches. Every year since 2004 IGFA has presented World Record Achievement Awards for the top record producing anglers and tackle manufactures. BogaGrip has won first place in the scales category every year.

What is the cost of certifying a scale?
IGFA will examine scales weighing up to 100 lbs for members at a cost of $40.00. This fee includes return shipment by regular parcel post. If the member would like to have the scale tracked, insured, or returned within a shorter period of time, we recommend that they send a UPS or FedEx label or an account number along with the scale. Certified guides and Captains receive a discounted rate of $30.00. Weigh Stations may have one scale (up to 100 lbs) examined for free and pay only the return shipping cost.

Can I bring my scale in and have it certified?
We would be happy to have you visit the IGFA, stop in and say hello and visit the museum (free for members) while your scale is being tested. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes and we are available Monday through Friday from 9-4:30 pm except for holidays. It is important to have your scales tested each year to ensure that they are in compliance for world record applications. Once the catch has been landed and released, you will not have a chance to reweigh your catch again!

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