Birdsall Gaff Holder for 4" Hook Size

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Birdsall Patented Design

Safe, easy storage of gaffs on your boat has always been somewhat of a hassle. Birdsall Marine now has the answer to your gaff storage. Our  gaff holders are designed to make storing of gaffs clean and simple. Birdsall Gaff Holders consist of two pieces, the handle retainer and the hook retainer. The hook retainer is made with a round base and an oval retainer with an anodized handle. Simply place the hook portion of the gaff over the round base and turn the spring loaded handle. Your gaff is now quickly and safely stored away. The gaff holders are available for 2″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ hook sizes, and can be mounted most anywhere, with simple hand tools and a drill. Two #10 x 1″ self tapping screws are included to mount. 

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