Alltackle Cockpit Fishing Tools and Rigging Package

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Alltackle Cockpit Package #2 Includes: Jinkai Mini Crimper- Jinkai Mono Cutters- Shimano Bay Steel Pliers- AFW Wire Cutters- SS Clippers- Needle Nose Pliers- AFW Split Ring Pliers- Shimano 50# Drag Scale- Owner Braid Scissors- Dexter Russell 9 Filet Knife- Emergency Release Tool- Hook Filel- Rigging Needle Set- Shark Rattles - Qty6- Rigging Beads Round 400ct- Tri-Beads 400ct- Egg Beads 400ct- Assorted Egg Sinkers 16 ounces- Thimbles 30ct Asst- Copper Rigging Wire Sleeve Qty6- #64 Rubber Bands- Rigging Tape 3 pack- Gudebro Rigging Floss 135'- Bionic Brine- Hook Stops Assorted 8 pack- DBM Fluorocarbon Leader Holder- DBM Adjust Line Tensioner Holder- Jinkai Loop Protectors 100 pack- Zap-A-Gap 2 pack- Abaco Ballyhoo Rigs qty 6- Rite Split Ring Kit- Rite Barrel Swivel Kit- Rite Crimp Kit- AFW single strand Assorted 4 pack.  (Not Yet Pictured: AFW Nipper Tool- Shrink Wrap- Chafe Tube- Leader Keepers- Balloons- AFW Haywire Twist Tool- H/D Crimper- 2 x DBM Lure Racks- DBM Boga Grip Holder- DBM Braid Buster- Abaco Ballyhoo Rubber Bands) Subject to additional shipping charge.

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