YakGear Coiled Fishing Rod Leash

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Coiled Fishing Rod Leash

The nonabsorbent YakGear Coiled Fishing Rod Leash provides the ultimate peace of mind by guaranteeing that an expensive rod and reel return to shore every time. Made from solid rubber with no wire inside, the leash features a full memory coil that will stretch from 24 inches to 60 inches. 

Quickly connecting the leash to the boat-side is done with a 360-degree nylon swivel hook to any pad eye or accessible seat strap. The connection to the fishing rod is through the use of an ultra-tight velcro strap, which can be easily detached from the leash via a second swivel hook for ease of use. Anglers catch the fish, and YakGear will catch the rod. Fishing rods are not included.


  • One ounce, 24 in. full memory, coiled paddle leash
  • Detachable, ultra-tight Velcro strap for ease of use
  • Instructions included
  • 1-year warranty

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