VETUS MAGNUS Escape Hatch - OD 26-3/4" x 26-3/4"

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MAGNUS Escape Hatch - OD 26-3/4" x 26-3/4"

Heavy Duty Ocean Hatch

MAGNUS is a complete range of extra heavy-duty hatches. They are CE-classified AI, which means to say that they are designed for ocean use and can be fitted in any part of the hull or deck.

These hatches are provided with friction hinges, which will keep the hatch open in any position, without the need for stays. The hatch can be opened through 180° and there are virtually no obstructions in the hatch opening. Like other VETUS hatches, the MAGNUS range can be opened from inside or outside the boat. They can also be left locked; either completely watertight or in a ventilation position.

The frame profile is hand-polished and anodized. The acrylic has a thickness of 10 mm and the color is “dark smoke”.

The build-in dimensions (the cut-out sizes) of the Magnus hatches are in conformity which those that are currently in the market.


  • External Dimensions -  26 3/4" x 26 3/4"
  • Cut Out Dimensions - 24 11/16" x 24 11/16"
  • Number of Handles - 4 

*VETUS strongly advises against using MAGNUS hatches as an A1 escape hatch in the underside of a multihull. Due to the flexible nature of these types of vessels, water tightness cannot be guaranteed unless the hatch is installed on a flat and inflexible structure.

This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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