UFlex Portable Hydraulic Purging System

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Portable Hydraulic Purging System

The self-contained and portable BubbleBuster™ purging unit reduces time and simplifies the purging procedure for hydraulic steering systems. Simply attach the hoses using the quick-connect fittings to the helm and cylinder, and with the push of a button, the BubbleBuster™ begins cycling oil throughout the entire system. The system features a ZeroEmulsion pump with a 1-gallon reservoir and is compatible with competing helms and cylinders.


  • It allows the purging of 2 hydraulic steering systems before refilling
  • 12V electric motor with thermal protection
  • Current absorption is 8A 

Included Components:

  • Motor pump with safety valve, switch, and 5-liter (1 gal) tank included
  • 4m (13 ft.) electric harness with alligator clips for fast connection with the battery.
  • 1 double-spiraled hose to connect to the helm pump; Extended length: 6m (19,6 ft.)
  • 1 double-spiraled hose to connect to the cylinder; Extended length: 6m (19,6 ft.)
  • 1 utility tray

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