Tsunami Salt X 6000 Spinning Reel - Silver

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Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reels

"Saltwater Proof! Stands Up To The Toughest Fish & Worst Conditions"

Built for Saltwater. The Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel is constructed out of a full metal body while utilizing 14 seals to ensure no water enter. No need to worry about spray when your on the boat or waves breaking over you're shoulder with the new Salt X!


  • Forged and CNC machined A6061 Aluminum Body and Rotor
  • Fully Sealed Design Utilizes 14 Seals
  • Sealed Hammer Drag System
  • Digitally optimized S Drive Stainless Steel Face Gear
  • 7 Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings plus One Anti-Reverse bearing
  • Rotor brake with manually closing bail

Salt and sand are a universal constant for any surf fisherman. Keeping spray and crashing waves from damaging a reel is the goal of any high quality, high performance reel maker. The new Tsunami SaltX™ fully sealed spinning reel is, from the first sketches on blank paper, designed to keep working reliably in those worst conditions...season after season, trophy after big fish trophy.

The totally unique, fully sealed Tsunami SaltX™ series of Salt Water Proof spinning reels feature 14 precision internal seals in all of the key, strategic locations to shield critical components from harmful contaminants and any saltwater intrusion. These internal seals assure both long term protection and super smooth operation. The strong HAMMER carbon fiber drag system controls heavy lines and big fish with both smooth operation and plenty of power from its 50lb max drag rating. Seven sealed stainless steel bearings are wrapped in a forged and CNC machined 6016 high performance aluminum alloy body delivering light weight, strength, protection, precision and toughness. A heavy-duty, rotor brake controlled, fully manual bail system is found on each SaltX™ model for complete reliability. The precision machined aluminum spool is fully sealed and braid-ready with a built-in arbor band to assure the best control of super strong super-braids cast after smooth, long cast.

The 14 strategically located internal seals can be relied upon for years of use with minimal maintenance. The precision seals are placed at all of the locations where salt water and contaminants could be expected to penetrate the reel for extraordinary protection in all models. The precision all metal construction wraps an incredibly strong, digitally optimized S-DRIVE stainless steel main face gear and precision machined stainless steel pinon gear. Even the SaltX™ main shaft and oscillation cam are constructed of stainless steel alloy. The strong and reliable clutch bearing anti reverse mechanism is also stainless steel for longer life and greater precision. The combination of these high tech design features and precisely constructed components are what make the Tsunami SaltX™ spinning reels THE contender for your favorite go to reel for years to come.

Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reels
ModelGear RatioLine CapacityMax Drag (lb)Weight (oz)BearingsInches per Handle Turn
TSSTX4000-BK 5.1:1 15/420, 20/330, 30/270 50 14.5 7+1 33-1/2"
TSSTX4000 5.1:1 15/420, 20/330, 30/270 50 14.5 7+1 33-1/2"
TSSTX6000-BK 4.9:1 30/450, 40/350, 50/300 50 18 7+1 38"
TSSTX6000 4.9:1 30/450, 40/350, 50/300 50 18 7+1 38"

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