Top Shelf Marine Ring Toss Game

04- RTG
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Ours is all Stainless Steel!

From Walkers Cay through the Abacos to Chub Cay, Bimini and on down to Cat Island, San Sal and Rum Cay, you’ve probably thrown back a few cold Kaliks and played the ring toss game.

What makes this game so great?

  • There’s no coin slot, you usually play for free
  • Little to no athleticism is required
  • You only need one hand – so you can hold your beer in the other
  • Score keeping is pretty easy – it’s hooked or it’s not and you can make up your own score keeping or tournaments.
  • If the Game is “down”, Tech Service is usually on site – anyone who can tie a knot  or screw a screw can fix it
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