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Toit’s mission is to develop, improve and reimagine fishing tools with overarching themes of reliability, functionality, durability and environmental sustainability. This is why Toit are creating products that will resist corrosion and do not rely on superfluous plastic parts that will limit the product’s useful life. Designs are elegant and understated, they feel good in the hand and are pleasing to the eye.

The great bundle includes:

Split Ring Pliers - MediumFrustrated by years and years of digging your nails in or forcing hooks in between Split Rings because the Gape on your Split Ring is never big enough, or the Split Ring flip flops about while you trying to assemble your lure. Annoyed by damaging and scratching your Splits Rings or surface coatings on your Split Rings, with a sharp gouging edge of a 2 dimensional triangle or Longnose Pliers serrations. Let me introduce you to our very own designed and patent pending Split Ring Pliers. Starting off with a 3 Dimensional Nose Cone Detail. This allows for rigid work holding in our case a Split Ring, the Split Ring does not flip flop about. Optional 2 Stage functionality, including micro adjustment for controlled movement and controlled sizing of your Gape. Need that extra Gape? Well just give the Split Ring Pliers and the Split Ring a Twist in the optional 2nd stage adjustment. Toit Split Ring Pliers comes in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. Made from a Stainless Steel 410 J1 Forging. Life is simple if you can open a Split Ring with ease. Split Ring size chart below, find out which size tool you require on your Split Ring.

Side CuttersThese Side Cutters are designed specifically to cut single strand fishing wire. Not only are these Stainless Steel but we have brased a Tungsten Carbide insert in both the upper and lower jaw. Are you tired of seeing these removable insert type tools breaking twisting, screw deforming? Well that is exactly why we opted for a fixed cutting edge. If you are looking for Side Cutters that provide both corrosion resistance and an ergonomic handle, this may just be the tool to try. Toit Side Cutters work perfectly alongside our Haywire Twist Tool to create a Haywire Twist, Tokyo Rig or even a Dingle Dangle Rig.

Short Nose PlierIf comfort and ease of use spring to mind when looking for the perfect dehooking tool, then the Toit Short Nose Pliers may be just what you are looking for. Not only is it designed for dehooking but it provides various holes in the handles to put your hook thru and tighten you fishing knot. Made from a Stainless Steel these Short Nose Pliers are ideally suited for removing hooks from small freshwater and saltwater species. This tool has an improved grip with a shorter jaw length providing greater rigidity and grip strength during hook removal. The unique handle design allows for the tool to get into fairly tight spaces, especially when working around fish gills inside the mouth. The shorter jaw length and fulcrum distance also prevent bending and twisting of the jaw tips. Sprung loaded for repeat use may just give this tool the edge.

CrimperIf you ever find yourself looking for new Crimpers, Crimping Pliers or a Swager, ask a couple of questions first. What is torque and compressive strength? Torque rotational force represents the capability of force to affect something in a rotational motion. Compressive strength is basically the amount of load a specific area of a material can bear. These 2 areas were the most essential problems to solve with the design strategy of our crimping pliers. The reduced surface area at the business end, in conjunction with the short distance to the pliers fulcrum (pivot point where pliers rotate), has allowed us to maximize torque and deform crimps. This easily allows us to crimp 400lb Multistrand Stainless Cable and 400lb Mono or Fluoro leader material using either aluminium, copper or brass crimps. And it fits in your pocket! Designed specifically for crimping, they're perfect for fishing trips abroad and boat trips saving on space and weight. Take a look at our "Toit" crimping technique used for all suitable Aluminium Crimps

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