Strike Point Tackle 36” Mudflap, Squid and Strip Dredge - Blue

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Featuring our 36” Value Bar with 13 drops, this is the real combo dredge monster. It has 2- 9” Mudflaps on each outside drop, 3- 9” Mold Craft squid on each inside drop, and a 6 fish Holographic Ballyhoo Strip down the center. All three of these teasers rigged on one bar make a true fish raiser for your spread. Also, you don’t have to choose how you want your bar rigged, it comes with all the options! These Mudflaps are made of quality rubber and will never crack or stiffen over time. The world-renowned name of Mold Craft speaks for itself, and our holographic strips HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER peel or come apart.

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