Star Handcrafted IGFA Chair Rod Curved 7'

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When you’re ready to call “Fish on!”- the rod you want in your hand is a Star Handcrafted Rod.  Each starts with a unique custom blank- with many featuring new Duratech Technology.  Duratech blanks are made by combining multi-directional graphite with a special epoxy. The result is a rod with greatly increased sensitivity- lifting power and toughness.  It also increases durability hen a rod is jammed or over-bent in any direction.  The graphite to epoxy ratio is individually selected for each handcrafted rod to insure the perfect action- weight- strength and maximum durability. From custom assembly to the diamond wrap accent- Star Rods does it all by hand.  Craftsmanship that qualifies Handcrafted rods for a 5-year warranty. Designed for all-around fishing- Handcrafted rods are available for bottom fishing- casting- trolling- spinning- standup and drifting tactics.  Naturally- they feature top quality Fuji guides and reel seats.  Some actions feature the patented Star Rods’ Power®Butt- and virtually all feature Star Rods’ exclusive Power®Patch.  Trolling and stand-up models feature AFTCO and Stuart components.