Squidnation Flippy Floppy Billfish Edition Daisy Chain - Purple Crunch

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The Billfish Edition Flippy Floppy is a alternative to the original Flippy Flippy Thing.  Some of our top pros like Capt Tim Richardson of the Charter Boat "Tradition" from Australia suggested a scaled down version for smaller billfish.  The reason being was that smaller black marlin and white marlin could sneak in unnoticed because of the action the product offered.  He asked us to make a version with 2 flippy floppy squids and 3 regular squids in-line. The product worked well for juvenile black marlin in Australia and white marlin in the Dominican Republic.  When targeting these fish we recommend this version of Flippy Floppy.  For Blue Marlin and larger Black Marlin and any species of tuna we recommend the original That Flippy Floppy Thing.  Those fish aren't shy and you will have no problem seeing them!

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