Squidnation Fat Daddy Squid Dredge - Electric Blue

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The Fat Daddy Dredge is constructed with 108 5.25 inch Squidnation Fat Daddy Squids. 36 inch stainless steel Aussie hubbed fixed dredge bar. The large bulb and flexible tentacles make it an action packed dredge. The smaller soft mantles makes it virtually tangle proof. You will be amazed at the ease of deployment. A large dredge that has such a big profile is usually a nightmare to deploy without tangling. These dredges also pull with much less resistance than other artificial dredges. Fat Daddy Squids were customized to be pulled in large numbers with minimal restraint. White Marlin, Big Eye Tuna, Mahi have been attacking the Fat Daddy Style dredges in all of our test runs on the east coast. In the Pacific Ocean Sailfish and Blue marlin have been raised in all of the test runs. Put a Squidnation Fat Daddy Dredge in your spread today!

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