Squidnation Dredgelock - Attaches to #4 Rod Butt

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Another product made by a Sportfishing mate to solve a need that needed solving.  The dredge tether has made pulling in the dredge a much easier task.  But holding the tether could be a challenge once the dredge is at the side of the boat.  Fisherman have used cam-cleats under the covering boards but that was clumsy to reach down under while holding everything in place.  The Dredgelocks were designed by a fisherman for fishermen.  The aluminum machined heavy duty clamp fits on a #4 ferule bent butt or a Winthrop T-10x. A heavy duty round edge eyelet allows for the tether to be smoothly pulled through the cam-cleat for easy lockdown.  The unit is installed right at rod holder level for ease of use.  The unit is overbuilt for unmatched quality and durability.  Proudly made in the USA

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