Squidnation Crack Minnow Dredge - Green

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The Black Sparkle minnows in the Mid Atlantic in August and September drive the marlin nuts.  As the season gets hot you will see marlin chasing these little "minnow" show up and become tasty but speedy treats.  Watching the marlin and dolphin chase them around the ocean is amazing. Tuna will sky out of the water in pursuit of these little guys.  So we were tasked by a few of the marlin hunters to come up with the Crack Minnow Dredge.  This offering is an amazing similarity to the schools of "Crack Minnows". It is a labor intensive build and it is reflected in the price.  But we have seen even early in the year and in Costa Rica that this dredge is fishy and will raise em.  Also they are very light to pull.  Put one in your spread today

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