Squidnation Compact Dredge 7" - Electric Blue

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Email us your colors to alltackle@verizon.net.  Outers and Inners can be the same or different.  We can mix up outers and/or inners as well.  Allow a day or two to rig.

The Squidnation Compact Dredge combines the effectiveness of dredge fishing with the compact size essential for small boats and short handed crews. 19 Squidnation 7 inch Mauler Squids stacked on two dredge bars profiles a beautiful baitball waiting for the attack. Easy to pull with an 80w, 50w, nylon tow or downrigger this dredge will add a deep profile to your arsenal and attract billfish and meatfish alike. The UV electric qualities are the secret to Squidnation Maulers. There are other similar squids on the market but only Squidnation have the UV necessary for that electric pop once they hit the water.

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