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Shimano Talica 20 BFC

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Shimano Talica 20BFC (Billfish Concept) Reel The Shimano Talica Bill-fish Reel a true bill-fish reel- a dream come true for tournament sailfish and white marlin anglers. Well suited to fish 20-30# mono- the Shimano Talica BFC Reel features a 6.7:1 gear ratio and 60 retrieve per crank- perfect for quickly winding line tight when fishing the kite. The Shimano Talica 20BFC features an exclusive drag curve- external detente for strike position and a long life clicker. As with all Talica series reels- the 20BFC features great cast-ability and high efficiency gearing. A bit of a departure in mindset from previous Talica reels- this reel is made to fish mono and fish it very well.